3B Unit8 第三课时教案
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三年级上册  第八单元

3课时 教案

Teaching contents  教学内容

Song time, Letter time & Checkout time


Teaching aims and learning objectives  教学目标

1. 学生能通过复习掌握本单元四会词汇

2. 学生能正确认读并规范书写字母Xx, Yy, Zz,并初步学习含有这些字母的单词 

3. 学生能演唱歌曲Happy New Year

4. 学生能了解一些中西方主要节日

5. 学生能初步运用本课所学的词汇和日常用语互道节日祝福互送礼物。


Focus of the lesson and predicted area of difficulty  教学重点和难点

教学重点:学生能正确认读并规范书写字母Xx, Yy, Zz,并初步学习含有这些字母的单词



Teaching procedures  教学过程

Step 1 Song time

T: Hello, boys and girls. Let’s learn this song together. First, let’s listen to it. And pay attention to these sentences. (播放歌曲音频)

S: All right.

T: Can you read them?

S: We are singing. We are dancing.

T: Good. What does it mean?

S: 我们唱歌我们跳舞。

T: That’s right. (PPT出示) Next, let’s sing with the music. OK?


Step 2 Revision Time

1. Let’s play

T: Do you like playing games?

S: Yes!

T: Now we are going to play this game. When you see the pictures or sentences, say it quickly and loudly; when you see the smiling face, let’s say “happy” together. Are you clear?

S: Yes.

T: Ready, go! (播放PPT游戏,老师跟着学生一起大声说,及时表扬或纠正发音)

T: Great! You all did a good job.

2. Let’s review

T: Now let’s review Cartoon time. First, let’s read it together. Pay attention to your pronunciation and intonation.

S: … (齐声读Cartoon time)

T: Then let’s act in groups of four. Here are some tips for you. (PPT出示要求)

3. Make a new dialogue.

T: New Year’s Day is coming soon. Can you greet your family and give presents to them? Let’s make a new dialogue in groups of four.

(教师根据学生的表演,及时捕捉学生资源板书。例如:Happy New Year!What’s this/that?It’s …This is for you.It’s for you.等。如果有学生说出课外学习内容,用红色粉笔写出,表演完后让他/她做小老师来教)

Step 3 Letter time

1. Let’s learn

T: Today we are going to learn some new letters. Who are they? Please watch and tell me. (播放动画)

S: X, Y, Z.

T: Yes. They’re X, Y, Z. (老师带读,让学生当小老师领读)

T: Look, there are some words with these letters. Can you read them? (老师领读)

  Now, please read in pairs.

S: …

2. Let’s write

T: Now let’s watch and learn how to write with your fingers. (指导学生边看动边用食指在空中跟着一起书写) Can you write now? Let’s write together. Open you books. (教师在黑板上和学生一起书写这三个字母)

3. Let’s talk

T: We have learned all the letters. Can you read and write them? Let’s say and write together.

S: Aa, Bb, Cc …

T: Good, you all can do well. Which letter do you like best?

S: I like …

T: Can you write it?

S: Yes. …

T: Good. Come here and click it, what can you see?


4. Let’s do

T: Letters are interesting. We can make letters by our body actions. Now, let’s say and do the Letter Exercise. Please stand up! (播放字母操视频)

Step 4 Checkout time

T: Now let’s look at Checkout time. Listen and choose the toys you hear. (播放flash)

T: Look, let’s read these answers together.

S: A green car, a black robot, a red doll, an orange ball.

Step 5 Culture time

T: I like these letters, because they are interesting. Do you like them?

S: Yes.

T: And I like interesting festivals, too. There are many different festivals in China and Western countries. Would you like to know them?

S: Yes.

T: These are our Chinese traditional festivals.

They are the Spring Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival, and the Mid-Autumn Festival. Those are western holidays, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, and Halloween.

They’re all popular! Let’s read together.

Homework  家庭作业

1. 抄写字母Xx, Yy, Zz 各一行,并找出含有这些字母的单词来读一读。

2. 网上搜索并了解更多中西方节日。

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