3B U8 Happy New Year 第二课时教案
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三年级上册  第八单元

3课时 教案

Teaching contents  教学内容

Cartoon time

Teaching aims and learning objectives  教学目标

1. 能熟练地听、说、读单词:a doll, a ball, a CD, a car, a robot

2. 能熟练地听懂、会读、会运用句型:What’s this/that?并会用It’s a 来回答

3. 朗读理解Cartoon time并感受幽默之处

4. 会说生日祝福语Happy Birthday”,会用Thank you来回答


Focus of the lesson and predicted area of difficulty  教学重点和难点




Teaching procedures  教学过程

Step 1 Warm-up

T: Good morning, boys and girls.

S: Good morning, …

T: New Year is coming. Let’s say “Happy New Year” to each other.

S: Happy New Year.

T: Let’s enjoy a song about New Year. (播放歌曲动画)

T: We are very excited, when New Year is coming. Are you excited? (板书单词excited)

S: Yes, we are.

T: OK. Let’s sing this song together. Remember to sing it excitedly!

S: All right.


Step 2 Revision time

1. Play a game

T: We are excited when New Year is coming. And I think we will be excited when we play games, right?

S: Yes.

T: Good. Let’s play a game. When you see the pictures or sentences say it out loudly. Are you ready?

S: Yes.


2. Acting time

T: Are you happy?

S: Yes.

T: Mike, Tim and Helen are happy, too. On New Year’s Day, they give each other some presents. Let’s act it out! (教师引导学生发挥想象力,创编对话)

Step 3 Cartoon time

1. Watch and name

T: Boys and girls, your imagination is wonderful. Here are some presents for you. Look carefully. What’s this?

S: It’s a CD.

T: Yes, you are right. Look at this CD. It’s about Bobby. Please give a name to this cartoon after watching it. (播放卡通动画)

S: OK.

T: Now can you give a name to this cartoon?

S: “Bobby’s birthday”.

2. Listen and answer

T: Very good! Now let’s listen to it again and answer the questions on the screen. (播放卡通录音)

Q1: 朋友过生日的时候,可以怎样祝福他呢?

S1: Happy Birthday.

Q2: 送礼物的时候,可以说什么呢?

S2: This is for you./It’s for you.

Q3: 收到礼物的时候,可以说什么呢?

S3: How nice!/Thank you.

3. Read and answer

T: Well done! Then let’s read and think “Is Bobby happy?” Open your books and read by yourself. (学生打开书,自读课文并思考)

S1: Bobby is happy.

T: Why?

S1: He has some presents. (教师引导回答)

T: Yes, you’re right. Any other ideas?

S2: He’s not happy. 他被吓坏了。

T: Oh, he is scared. (板书scared) Yes, that’s true. So Bobby is happy and he is scared, too. Who scared Bobby?

S: Sam.

T: Yes, Sam gives him a present. Do you like this present?

Ss: Yes./No.

4. Read and dub

T: Now, let’s read the story after the tape. Please read with good pronunciation and emotion. (播放课文录音,学生模仿跟读)

T: Now, let’s dub the cartoon. Who wants to be Bobby? Sam? M?


T: It’s Bobby’s birthday. What else can we do?

S: Sing a song.

T: Can you sing birthday song? Let’s sing for Bobby.


5. Let’s act

(1) T: Do you want to act it out?

S: Yes.

T: Great! Please prepare in groups of four and try to imitate the pronunciation and intonation of the characters in the cartoon. Don’t forget to sing the birthday song.


(2) T: In the Cartoon time, it is Bobby’s birthday. Now what will Sam get on his birthday? Look! (教师邀请两位同学合作示范一个对话)

T: Can you think about it and act it out?

S: Yes!

T: OK! Please prepare in groups of four.

Step 4 Let’s review

T: You did a good job. Now let’s review what we have learned in this unit.


Homework  家庭作业

1. 听录音跟读卡通。2. 学唱新年歌和生日歌。3. 了解一些其他的节日。

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