3B Unit8 Happy New Year 第一课时教案设计
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三上Unit8 Happy New Year! (Story time )

Period 1

武进区马杭中心小学    高漉霏


1. 能听懂、会说、会读、日常用语和句型Happy New Year! This is for you.

2. 能听懂、会说、会读句型What’s this/ that? It’s… ,并能初步区分thisthat

3. 能听懂、会说、会读词汇uncle, doll, ball, robot, CD.

4. 能初步感知西方过节送礼的文化背景。


1. 能听懂会说会读句型:What’s this/that? It’s … This is for you.

2. 听懂会说会读、单词 uncledoll, ball, robotthat.




Step1: Warming up

1. Enjoy a song: Happy New Year

2. Greetings

3. Free talk

T: Do you like this songWhat is the song about?

  Ss:Its about new year.

  T: You are right. TeachNew Year 跟读

  T: New Years Day is coming. What can we say on New Year’s Day?

Step2: Presentation

1. Lets guess

  T: Today we have a new friend. He wants to say Happy New Year to us.

Listen, who is coming? Lets guess!

T: Uncle John is at a New Year party. He brings so many presents. 

What presents will he bring? Can you guess?

  Guess: What’s this?  Its a doll. Teachdolltry to spell 提示:dog

What’s that? Teach: that, what’s that?  Its a ball, robot. Teach the two words.

2. T: 同学们,你们能说说Whats this Whats that的区别吗?

3. Lets play

  T: If you see the words or the pictures, you can speak out. If you see this picture, you can say Happy New Year!  Are you ready? Go!

4. Say a chant

This, this, what’s this? CD, CD, it’s a CD.

That, that, what’s that? Doll, doll, it’s a doll.

T: Good job, boys and girls. Now, can you make a new chant with your partners?

5. T: So the presents are here. But which are for the three children? Lets watch the cartoon.

6.Watch and circle看动画,圈出文中提及的礼物

  A doll, a ball, a robot

  T: Among the three presents, what does each child get? Read the story by yourselves and try to find the answers.

7.Read and match自读课文,将人物和各自得到的礼物连线

8.Lets think: what can we say when we give and receive the presents?

9. Lets read

Happy party, happy reading. Lets read the story.

1) Read after the tape

2) Reading Time: You can choose one way you like to read the story.

10.Lets act

Step 3 Consolidation 

1.Lets summarize根据所给情景,圈出正确的表达。


a. Happy Birthday!        b. Happy New Year!


a. This is for you.         b. Whats this?


a. Thank you. How nice!   b. Its a doll.


a. Whats this?           b. Whats that?


a. How nice!             b. This is for me.

T:Give presents, give happiness. 送出礼物,给予快乐。

Enjoy your new year, enjoy your life. 享受新年,享受生活。

Step 4 Homework

1. 听录音,并跟读课文三遍。

2. 学唱歌曲Happy New Year, 并唱给家人听听。

3. 在网上查找有关春节(Chinese New Year)和圣诞节(Christmas Day)两个重大节日的文化习俗。


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