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Step1 Greeting

TClass beings.

Ss stand up.

T: Good morning, boys and girls.

Ss: Good morning Miss G.

T: Good morning, boys.

Boys: Good morning, Miss G.

T: Good morning, girls.

Girls: Good morning, Miss G.

T: sit down, please.


Step 2 warm up

1. Enjoy songs and rhymes.


2. review words

show the pictures quickly and ss say the words.

Show the words and ask ss to say.


3.     play a game: Bingo

prepare the word  cards for each student.

Students choose nine from these cards.

Put them on the blanks of the table.

teacher read the words by seldom.

Find out who can bingo first.

Cherry banana…











4. play a game: yes yes yes

Everyone chooses 3 cards from the 4 words

Teacher reads the words in hands.

Ss compare who have the same and say yes yes yes.

1)     no order

2)     must same in order


4.     Play a game: I have a long train.

Everyone draws an animal on a piece of paper.

Don’t let others know.

Ask S1 come in to front.

SS: what’s that?

S1: It’s a cow.

I like cows.

Moo, moo~

S1 ask s2: what’s this?

If s2 has a cow too, s2 can join s1’s train.

S1 has five chance.

See if S1 can get a long train.

The winner is who can get five friends in his train.

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